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Body Solid Nylon Head Harness

Body Solid  Nylon Head Harness in Cable Attachments
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Recommended for all athletes and specifically designed for those in contact sports, head harnesses condition the neck and upper back muscles. Features include the finest quality materials, extra-heavy D rings and steel chain. Completely padded with high density neoprene to absorb shock and prevent cuts, chafing and abrasion. Use them with free weights or hook them to a high or low pulley on a machine.

Weight plates optional.


Chinning Triangle

Chinning Triangle in Cable Attachments 
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Description Made of solid steel construction, this attachment design gives back, shoulders and arms the maximum workout. Super duty welded flange assures durability. Special designed tapered handles for better grip and feel....

Cable Attachment Pack II

Cable Attachment Pack II in Cable Attachments 
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Description These fitness cable attachments are a must for any home gym. Save money by buying the set! Includes one each of the following: FG066 Tricep Rope FG059 Chinning Triangle FG065 Single Cable Grip...

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