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Flip Chart Poster Book

Flip Chart Poster Book in Stretching Aids
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A collection of 12 beautiful weight training posters in a convenient flip-chart book! Each 11″x16″ poster provides the most commonly performed exercises for the chest, arm, shoulder, back, mid-section, and leg. Spiral binding makes it easy to flip from one poster to the next!

  • Exercise and muscle guide (front)
  • Exercise and muscle guide (back)
  • Chest workout
  • Biceps and forearm workout
  • Triceps workout
  • Shoulder workout
  • Back workout
  • Abdominal workout
  • Leg workout
  • Dumbbell workout (1)
  • Dumbbell workout (2)
  • Weight training stretches

    Posters Included:


    Exercise Ideas For Balance Stability

    Exercise Ideas For Balance Stability in Stretching Aids 
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    Sit and Reach Flex Tester

    Sit and Reach Flex Tester in Stretching Aids 
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