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Seca 804 Scale W/Body Fat & Water Measurement

Seca 804 Scale W/Body Fat & Water  Measurement in Body Fat Testers
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Your weight is not the only criteria for comprehensively evaluating your health, fitness and nutritional condition. It is important to determine the composition of your body. That is why the seca sensa 804 not only determines your weight but also your body′s water (BW) and fat (BF) content – for a complete and precise analysis. A perfect aid for all those who attach great importance to good health.

Elegant design: The softly rounded weighing platform gives the seca sensa 804 a particularly elegant look which is underlined even more by the embedded chrome-plated electrodes. The keypad element is mounted above the display to prevent the keys becoming soiled and any unintentional reprogramming during the measuring process.

Individual BW/BF measurement: Electrodes embedded in the platform of the seca sensa 804 reliably measure your individual body composition. Personal data such as size, age and gender are first entered into one of the four internal memory cells. The person recognition function automatically allocates the weight to the user when the scale is stepped on and a precise body analysis is guaranteed. Thanks to the conductivity of the electrodes, the whole platform is integrated in the measuring process.

Robust and durable: The seca sensa 804 is made of shockproof, durable plastic and is especially energy-saving and low-maintenance thanks to the automatic switch-off.


  • Capacity: 330lbs
  • 0.2lb increments
  • Measures Body Fat Content
  • Measures Body Water Content


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